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Excellent course – keep up the good work.

Excellent, Level 1 - Ultrasound

Certainly feel my understanding has improved after attending this course.

Improving my understanding, Critical appraisal

Explanations given in the course helped me understand very well.

Great explanations, Critical appraisal

Very useful for our daily lives in ED, more confident and systematic approach.

Gives me confidence, Level 1 - Ultrasound

Fantastic course – great to see the use for Subclavian access, Great additional information – A lines and thoracic USG.

Fantastic, Level 1 - Ultrasound

Very well explained sessions by a very dedicated team.

Well explained, Level 1 - Ultrasound

It was a good base to practise on and a great starting point. I can focus my revision from here.

Focusing my revision, Critical appraisal